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Art History in Charleston

Charleston's history extends to the early birth of our nation so it follows that our artistic history is indeed rich and varied. Depending on your tour you will learn about the earliest form of portraiture popular in the colonies, miniatures. You will view these pocket-sized portraits along with full-scale portraits of some of the more notable original Charleston residents.

You will get insight into the period known as the Charleston renaissance, a time when all the arts were flourishing in Charleston. Long time residents were working alongside artists who had found there way to this burgeoning city slowly rebounding from the devastation of the Civil War.

And while history is an important part of our city identity there is currently a vibrant art scene thriving in Charleston. Tours will offer you a peak behind the curtain into the motivations and backgrounds of todays established and emerging artists. Some tours include an actual demonstration from a local artist explaining their individual approach to a new work.

These tours are best suited for groups of 4 or more. Tours can be customized according to your area of interest. Groups in excess of 12 will need special arrangements and we encourage you to contact us if you are interested in planning a tour.

Customized Tours Viewing Charleston's Premier Art Galleries
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